We are dedicated to producing lead-free,
non-toxic, environmentally-friendly
products for the serious outdoorsman.

Our lines of ammunition

CTX Bullets

CTX Bullets are among the finest frangible bullets on the market today! Perfect for defense, training, law enforcement , or military use.



ITX Shot and Roundball

ITX is lead free and hard hitting! It performs like lead without harming the environment or your prized muzzle loading rifle, smoothbore, or shotgun.



GPM Bullets

GPM is a brand new line of ballistics featuring the Quadra-Shock Bullet. These lead free sporting bullets are engineered to DOMINATE!



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Our projectiles are proudly manufactured in the United States of America by Continuous Metal Technology, Inc..


To avoid injury, use TB Ammunition only in firearms in good condition and chambered exactly for the cartridge. Read your firearms instruction manual. Always be sure barrel is free of any obstruction and pointed in a safe direction. Wear adequate hearing and eye protection. Treat your gun as if it were loaded and be sure of your target and backstop. If gun fails to fire, keep pointed in a safe direction. Wait. Unload carefully avoiding exposure to breach. Always discharge firearms in a properly ventilated area. We disclaim any and all liability for damages resulting from improperly used ammunition, firearms, and reloading practices.