CTX Bullets

CTX Bullets are among the finest frangible bullets on the market today! Perfect for defense, training, law enforcement, or military use.

ITX Roundballs and Shot

ITX is lead free and hard hitting! It performs like lead without harming the environment or your prized muzzle loading rifle, smoothbore, or shotgun.

GPM Bullets

GPM is a brand new line of ballistics featuring the Quadra-Shock Bullet. These lead free sporting bullets are engineered to DOMINATE!


The official ammunition of TomBob Outdoors LLC

TB Ammunition was created to meet the needs of the discerning hunter – conservationist who prefers quality lead free ammunition over cheaper, lower quality or lead ammunition. Each round produced by TB Ammunition is 100% lead free, manufactured in a quality controlled, eco-friendly environment and approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Individually inspected, loaded by our expert loaders, and proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to our valued customers. Our products are not only approved for all lead free zones, but they will not harm your precious and beloved firearm.

GPM .300 Blackout Gel Block Demonstration

What is Frangible Ammunition and examples of our CTX line of bullets.

“There are certain loads that just stand out-one such recipe is found below. The load features a mere 7/8 oz. (148 pellets) of TomBob Outdoors’ lead-free ITX-10 No. 4 shot, which has a target density of 10 grams/cc (i.e. close to lead’s 11.34 grams/cc); however, the payload attains a scorching 1491 f.p.s. to deliver maximum on-target energy. And deliver it does!…”

American Rifleman Magazine

on ITX Shot

“Gentleman, last week our Hunting group utilized the ITX brand of non-toxic shot and recipes from your Advantages manual on Diver ducks in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We shot #2 and #4 ITX pellets in 3 inch Federal & Fiocchi hulls and the results far surpassed our expectations; many birds were downed with only one shot, amazing results and here is the proof.”

William R. Smith Jr

Satisfied Customer, on ITX Shot

Check out these video reviews of the TB Ammunition .223 and .300 BLK rounds by The Daily Shooter!

“very nice ammo, bought 40 rounds to shoot through my new radical firearms 458socom, It performed flawlessly.”

Mike Fauber

Satisfied Customer, on Black Butterfly loaded CTX bullets