CTX™ Frangible Bullets

Available in Many Sizes! Pistol and Rifle Calibers! As well as select sizes of shot shell pellets!

    • CTX-380-75: .380 75grain
    • CTX-9-90: 9mm 90grain6-8
    • CTX-9-100: 9mm 100grain
    • CTX-357/38-110: .357/38 110grain
    • CTX-SIG-100: 357SIG 100grain
    • CTX-40-105: 40cal 105grain
    • CTX-40-125: 40cal 125grain
    • CTX-44-172: 44mag 172grain
    • CTX-45-140: 45cal 140grain
    • CTX-45-155: 45cal 155grain
    • CTX-223-42: .223 42grain
    • CTX-223-55: .223 55grain
    • CTX-6.8-95: 6.8mm 95grain
    • CTX-308-125: .308 125grain45 cal
    • CTX-7.62-125: 7.62×39 125grain
    • CTX-50-600: .50cal 600grain
    • CTX-12GA-325: 12gauge 325grain Slug
    • CTX-00BUCK-32: 00Buckshot 32grain
    • CTX-4BUCK-13: #4 Buckshot 13grain

CTX™ Frangible Bullet Features:

    • Lead free & Non-toxic: TomBob® CTX™ Frangible Bullets are constructed from materials containing no significant traces of lead or other harmful elements.
    • Pistol Calibers: Flat Nose or Hollow Point available on all sizes. Designated with -FP (Flat Point) or -HP (Hollow Point) on part number.
    • Rifle Calibers: Taper Point or Round Nose style design, except CTX-50-600 which is Round Nose only.Designated with -TP (Taper Point) or -RN (Round Nose) on part number.

    • Breaks Apart Upon Impact: CTX™ bullets disintegrate into tiny particles upon impact to minimize their penetration for reasons of reduced hazard and limiting environmental impact. Frangible bullets are used in training situations to avoid ricochets. They are a great option for target shooting ranges where lead is banned.